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When I was young I often thought about the nature of existence. My mind would go into realms and lands that were similar to our own, but had major differences as well. People had powers, abilities that could be used for good or evil. There are monsters as well, some as large as entire universes, while others are as microscopic as an atom. Gods and powerful beings are everywhere, and they see all and know all. As for me, I am a watcher of these worlds, invisible for the most part, only seeing, feeling and thinking the parts that needed to be played. That is what I do, I tell the stories of the people and places in my head. Everything I think and see is as real to me, as one looking through a mirror and seeing a full reflection. These stories are a part of me, they hold part of my “soul” for lack of a better word. One thing that is true for all my creations, no matter how big or small, they are all connected. In fact that is a major motif in my stories, everything is connected! Join me, and we can travel into realms unseen…

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