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If I paint a canvas and convince someone it’s worth $10 million, I can get that money.
I am not a painter; I am a writer. Still, if there is something worth reading and I write it, that will conjure money.
It’s only right, to have money; it only makes sense.                                                  What will be will be.
Perhaps this isn’t something you can profit from.
I will try.
I will finish writing something. I will be successful from creativity, enough to take care of my people and then live well myself, To wander everywhere with purchasing power.
I will afford to provide for everyone that should be allowed to depend on me.
It’s not impossible; it’s a good story.

What is is to be a writer but to say relatable things.
Even though it is not ready I will post it, because it is about time. It’s like the less I believe it is probable the more certain I am that it must work.
It needs to work because mom needs stem cells.
She runs; her knee just went. She has concussions, so biking even with a helmet is a bad idea. I wanted stem cells for myself, for when I punched a bag wrong and let it heal badly. They wanted to fuse my bones but someone tried something and now there is only a weird tendon pain occasionally. My wrist works; I don’t need stem cells. Mom has earned them.
Today I found out she has blood clots. She’s supposed to be healthy. I know bad things happen but I need to take care of them.
That’s not all though..
No that’s not all though.

If I become wealthy, I will tip well and see the doctor. I’ll tattoo my body, and keep a job so I’m not bored and have things to talk about.

I need to feed people and makes sure everyone’s alright.
I decorate well for cheap/free. My city is not very expensive.
My best friend is afraid of dogs; I need dogs around. So I need a front porch like a backyard, for hanging out.

And I need to go places Eventually I will need the house but for now it’d be better to be [email protected]@@
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I will find people who will help translate to more popular languages.
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