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More symbolic than anything else. You'll be giving just a USD monthly. In echange, you'll get access to my drawings and each of its layers, such as sketches, lineart. color, shadow...

  • Sketch, lineart.... LAYERS
things are sure scalating quickly
per month

(includes benefits from the previous tier).

-You will get to watch my speed paintings earlier than most people!

-Watch exclusive speedpaintings!!! :o

-See some of my old art. Yes, I'm exposing myself just for you.

  • early and exclusive speedpaintings, old art
  • Sketch, lineart.... LAYERS
im going RICH
per month

(includes benefits from all previous tiers).

-(+18) Get some erotic art (not completely NSFW). (this one is optional, you won't recieve this one if you don't feel comfortable with this content or are under 16 years old).* 

-befriend me??? on discord!!! join my cool ass discord server! you will be able to talk to me about anything, and you can even suggest new topics and sections!

-i'll accept a personal request from you every month! (it will be monocromathic, and won't include background. but as an option for those of you who don't get the erotic benefit, it wil be fully colored! (still no background).

  • Sketch, lineart.... LAYERS
  • early and exclusive speedpaintings, old art
  • (optional) erotic art (+16, not explicit) + discord, personal request!




Hello guys! This is my Patreon page in progress. Welcome!

My name is Elias, also known as Utakelis around here. I'm currently styding art, and simultaneusly working in small projects as an illustrator. I hope I can make a living out of it some day!
If you like my art or my creations, please, consider joining the crew! I would love to be active on here, and I'll if I get enough support!

Check out my social media if you want to see more of my work!

0% complete
If I reach 500$, I'll start a webcomic!
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