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Each month, we put out a new Book, short stories, essays. These books will always be free to download, but they require some costs on our end: things like file hosting, recording equipment, plus the time we devote to recording and editing each month's show. We do the show because we love it, not because we want it to make us rich, but a little money each month to cover those costs would be great. Fundraising also helps us periodically upgrade our equipment, perform live shows, and continue to expand and improve on what we do.
I am working on a book entitled "How to protect yourself from World War III". It is a book with many tips and instructions. It is the beginning of a series of books dealing with first aid and the way to deal with natural disasters and wars.

I know that many people need such books but the problem is that they are not free and all are paid, so I will help to make a large collection of books for free to download for all people

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