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You are a tree. Trees help to sustain all life by providing, in return for something else. It may not be much, but it encourages larger trees to provide more in exchange for larger... things.

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Ah... the lake. Nature's swimming pool. The circle of (somewhat) fresh water and happy memories. The lake inhabits life. The lake takes his best friend who is having a down day and takes her out for ice-cream. The lake calls her up at night to make sure she's okay. And in return the lake gets... friend-zoned. By the girl it's always been there for... The girl of his dreams. But that's okay, because the lake also gets access to all of Utopia Ventures featured content. Life isn't all that bad for the lake.

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There exists a cliff somewhere unknown. 

With a town at the very top.

A man and his wife, a long ways from home

Decided to make a stop.

The cliff would sit. For years and years

As the village began to pile

It got to watch the children grow

And even some, walk down the aisle.

But the poor, lonely cliff sat 

Without anyone by his side

So Utopia Ventures made him a wife

And with tears in his eyes, he cried:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." They replied.

And so the cliff lived happy

With his poly-rendered wife

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Utopia Ventures specializes in 3D design and workflow for small indie developers. Makai Brown, the founder of Utopia Ventures, is an indie developer himself, and is eager to help others incorporate beautiful 3D design in their games. Our skills are primarily demonstrated through Blender, SketchUp, and Unreal Engine 4. These skills will be taught and reproduced by us in a series of tutorial videos.

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