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Thank you for pledging, it means the world to me.

You gain access to my Patreon feed with the $1 pledge, so you can see all the random shit that's going on in here. You're also invited to join the UZworm HUTcord Discord channel!

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You're really awesome!

For pledging this tier, you'll get access to polls on the Patreon page here regarding games to stream, Lady Gaga covers to make and other random nonsense I can come up with.

If you play Minecraft, $5 also gets you access to the UZ-Craft Server, my Minecraft Realm that I often both play on and stream from. (NOTE: JAVA ONLY, Windows 10/Console will not be compatible)

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You're unbelievably awesome!

For this tier you get access to any non-Twitch related videos, specifically for any LPs I might be doing, the day before they're released to the public. (Right now, those would be the twice-weekly videos from my blind Oblivion LP!) You also get access to the polls and Discord, of course.

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About UZworm

Welcome back! I'm uzworm.

You may remember me from such videos as "the one where an angry guy played an accordion", "the one where an angry guy didn't play an accordion", "the one where that dude read that weird-ass fanfic about Princess Daisy farting on Waluigi", or that all-time classic, "3 AM".

This is round three of this whole Patreon thing, and this time I'm planning on keeping it going and actually having some sort of consistent online presence for the long-term. Schedules, how do they work??

I stream stuff on Twitch. It's mostly Minecraft, retro games, RPGs, and sports games. When I say "sports games" I really just mean a lot of Tecmo Bowl during football season. (HUT HUT HUT HUT). I also have a YouTube channel which is full of random gaming, music and other stuff that I do on Twitch and elsewhere.

As of right now, my tentative schedule will be a stream every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MT (that's 4:30 Eastern) and one Sundays at 8:00 pm (10 ET). Due to me having the health of a 164-year-old sometimes, this sometimes doesn't actually happen but I DO attempt to stream as often as possible!

Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you soon!
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Currently, the UZ-Craft Minecraft Server is a Minecraft Realm. It's cheap and it gets the job done giving us a worry-free Minecraft spot for this Patreon group, but it being a Realm means it's basically impossible to use any mods or plugins, even good QOL ones, with. (Ask me about "/time set day" when six people all have to sleep in a bed!)

If we hit $300 I'll take the plunge and switch UZ-Craft to an actual CubedHost server instead of a Realms. It'll be more expensive, but absolutely worth it!
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