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You gain access to my Patreon feed with the $1 pledge, so you can see all the random stuff that's going on in here. That includes things like polls and asks for Drawful prompts, etc.

You're also invited to join the UZworm HUTcord Discord channel!
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You're really awesome!

For pledging this tier, you'll get to see my YouTube main channel videos (which release the 1st & 3rd Sunday every month) at least two days ahead of time. You also get your name in the credits of the vids as well.

If you play Minecraft, this tier also gets you access to the world famous (??) UZ-Craft Server. (NOTE: JAVA ONLY, Windows 10/Console will not be compatible)
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For your generosity, you get to pick a game (with my final say on it being able to be done technically or too expensive for me to acquire of course) that I'll stream at the end of every month.

Also, no Undertale.

Everything else from before is included as well, obviously.

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Hello! I'm Chris, or uzworm. (Pronounced ooze-worm, though I'm so used to it being mispronounced that who can even say??)

I have a YouTube channel where I do educational and discussion-oriented videos about political and social topics from a left-wing political perspective. We have fun.

I also stream stuff on Twitch. It's mostly retro games, terrible Steam stuff, RPGs, sports games, and Minecraft. When I say "sports games" I really just mean a lot of Tecmo Bowl during football season. (HUT HUT HUT HUT). Tecmo is probably the game I'm most well known for; I do a yearly 24-hour Charity stream called the CHARITY HUT and tried speedrunning it once. (I will not be doing so again god I suck) 

My streaming schedule (all times Mountain):
Monday (Minecraft) - 2:30 pm
Thursday (Grab Bag) - 2:30 pm
Saturday (Grab Bag/Steam) - 2:30 pm
Sunday (Tecmo Super Bowl) - 2:30 pm

My channel 2zworm is where I post gaming videos and Twitch vods. You may remember me from such classics as "the one where an angry guy played an accordion", "the one where an angry guy didn't play an accordion", "the one where that dude read that weird-ass fanfic about Princess Daisy farting on Waluigi", or that all-time classic, "3 AM".

Joining this Patreon gets you access to my Discord where we play Jackbox games and shiz, and for a $5+ pledge you can join my low-grade Minecraft server where we really don't play Minecraft so much as make terrible mistakes in the Minecraft universe.

Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you soon!
$238.17 of $650 per month
This amount per month would represent the point where I'd be able to actually cover my living expenses (rent & basic bills) without much additional assistance, and would be a wonderful milestone indeed!

If we hit it, the following month will have a ton of extra content (daily streams, extra videos) in celebration!

In addition, I had a secret politics channel way back in 2014 and one of the videos on it actually managed to get 30k views. It's long been deleted but I still have a copy. I'll post the classic election-season response video to a rabid Republican after Obama's '14 victory here in celebration of hitting this milestone.
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