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Even just $1 monthly can help keep V0LT up and running. If everyone who used V0LT software and services donated $1 monthly, it would allow me to create drastically larger and more complex projects, with much more frequency.

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At this level, you'll pitch in enough to significantly help V0LT produce content. You'll also get your name or pseudonym listed on the "Donate" page of the V0LT website for as long as you maintain your support (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

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At this level, I'll try to give you early access to V0LT products if there happens to be a pre-release version. While they may not be fully finished, you'll still be one of the first to experience new V0LT software and content. $10 a month is a huge amount for a small scale developer like me, so you can expect more special rewards as time goes on.




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About V0LT

Welcome to V0LT! My name is Conner Vieira and I do a little bit of everything when it comes to computers. At V0LT, I develop software tools, games, manuals, tutorials, music, and web services. I upload most of my content to v0lttech.com to be downloaded for free. I never use ads or data tracking, so the only monetary income I receive is through donations from people who enjoy what I do.

As far as content, I primarily produce songs (mainly remixes) and software. While I can't sell any of the remixes I make for copyright and legal reasons, I do occasionally offer some paid programs. However, at the moment, all the programs I distribute are completely free. I try to keep any paid apps I upload to a bear minimum, and upload most of what I produce for free. I'm also a huge proponent of digital privacy, so I avoid using any tracking software of any kind, and avoid using third party services in my content when possible (Especially Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, etc).

In order to keep doing what I do, and to dedicate more time and resources to it, I'd need a way to fund it. Instead of using ads, data tracking, or paid downloads, I've opted to use a donation system, as I believe it offers the best experience for users, while still allowing me to fund my projects. If you use V0LT content often, or find it particularly helpful, any donation here would greatly help me continue to produce it. Everything is greatly appreciated, and helps more than many people understand. If everyone who used V0LT content frequently donated just $1 monthly, I'd have enough to produce dramatically more complex content.
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When I reach $5 dollars a month, I'll begin releasing monthly messages on what I've been working on, and my progress. This should help give V0LT users a view into upcoming projects, and future concepts.
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