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is creating 'The Beauty Way' through expressive art, writings and vlogs.
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About Maria Weeks

"“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” By: Anaïs Nin

The Truth is:

The truth is, I am most contentedly creative when I am able to follow the whims of my heart, intuitively and expressively picking and choosing my projects, moment by moment. Yet, I have tended to believe that to survive financially, I needed to fit into the pre-fabricated boxes that society provided for me. I am now arriving at the realization that I run the risk of tragically losing access to an incredible font of creative beauty if I comply blindly or mindlessly.

This 'beauty way' project is my attempt to embrace my truth.  I have come to realize that I love  creatively emoting, expressing myself, introspecting and reflecting, all for the sake of healing. I am in love with the healing journey and using many varied self-expressive mediums to articulate all that is within, for my sake and the sake of others simultaneously.

I am realizing that now as a new Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training I am starting to advocate for others as they seek their own pathways to healing and I am coming to recognize it is equally important for me to take my own advice and learn to heal myself if I am ever to help others. I recently heard the quote "I have to be in agreement with myself". This is a very important tenet of truth for me to remember as I continue this journey toward defining 'The Beauty Way" for myself, one creation and one moment at a time!. 

I am finally coming to realize that I find the greatest sense of inner peace when I come to allow myself to explore creative freedom.

What led me to creative freedom:

While experiencing the inherent struggles of childhood, I found I had a hard time sharing my inner self with other people. I was often forlorn and introverted and sought refuge in books, journals, academia and isolation.  I felt safer when I was not seen or heard by many people and this kept me locked within for a long time.

Thankfully, there was one oasis where my tendencies to withdraw fell away as a child. That place was at my Grandparents' home. There, I was allowed to dance to vinyl records spinning on the record player in the living room while they clapped and applauded me. My Grandma encouraged me to spill out a box of crayons and draw to my heart's content and she taught me to sew and garden, cook and pray. My Grandpa encouraged me to roller skate and enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy swinging on a swing. Both of my Grandparents even grew emotional as I sang to them in the car and they made special requests from me. Their peaceable lives and  authentic embrace worked wonders on me, even midst life's inherent difficulties.

Life There-after:

Since those idyllic days of youth when I was amidst the beautiful angels that were placed in my pathway, I have walked many inspiring pathways and I have also dwelt in much darkness and despair along the way:

*  In my youth I spent time paying homage to many musicians who stunned me with their expertise at articulating and expressing themselves creatively.
*  I lost an old love and found a potently new love that prevails even darkness and illness. We are beautifully, complexly and symbiotically intertwined and I feel absorbed by his TLC and sense of triumphant freedom.
*  I immersed myself in academia wherein I studied the expressive/therapeutic arts, mastered in the study of death and dying (Thanatology) and obtained licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training.

All the while I have felt the importance of emitting truth, retaining balance, and finding ways to enhance our sense of meaning throughout the ebbs and flows of life as reality darkens and brightens to form prisms of light and shades of dark and gray.
I decided if I can share the  knowledge and wisdom I learned from a lifetime of journeying through the darkness and coming back into the light, I would be able to really bless others with my unique gifts. in the best ways possible. I recognize that every step of this entire journey has helped me to define 'The Beauty Way' for myself moment by moment.
I hope to model expressive freedom in ways that might inspire, teach, lead, guide or encourage other people to step into their own personal creative freedoms. I also hope that as I begin fearlessly sharing, I will find creative blessings along the pathways of the journey!
What I will offer my patrons:
You will be enveloped by the warm fuzzy feeling that you are playing a part in the emergence of an utterly honoring creative healing journey and you will reap the full blossoms as they unfurl. 
As patrons, you will gain exclusive access to all of my creative outpourings including (but not limited to):
* Intuitive art, music and poetry made while embodying expressive/therapeutic art philosophies
* Expressive podcasts, workshops and worksheets which guide you to try the activities at home
* Introspective blog posts illuminating the pathways and the journey
* Exclusive access to art prints, healing decks of cards and other special original creations
* Entertaining and expressive video shorts (including animation, stop motion and puppetry)
* Any other random creative expression as it flows organically!!!)

Thank you:
I feel so utterly honored by all of the support of each and every patron! It fuels my inner light, builds my faith in humanity and affirms my very essence and  being!  If you would like to learn more about me, my art or my expressive journey you can visit my website at: 

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When I earn $000 a month I will be wholly supported financially.This amount of income will cover all of my needs and make me feel secure and actualized and will allow me to feel sure that I can keep my home studio up and running. This level of support will broaden my courage and allow me to focus on finishing my books. One is documenting the journey I went on to define  'The Beauty Way' and another is a book about the memoirs of my time with my recently departed Grandma.  When these books are completed, I will then add them as a reward tiers for my patrons!
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