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Hello and Welcome! 
This is intimidating.

New Page Who Dis?
I'm Jules. Good start. I'm a nerd. Uh oh... HAH! Joke! Being a nerd is cool as HECK, get with the TIMES MY DUDE. But more seriously.

I'm a daycare teacher currently unemployed after a little bout against cancer and visa issues, and I moonlight as an aspiring costume maker, so if you decide to support me, your hard earned money will go towards my passion for designing, sewing and building props and costumes from my (and maybe yours!) favourite video games, movies, etc.
I would also like to make videos, or possibly stream some of my process making these things so if this is something you're into, look forward to it!
I have always been a creative person, and I have tons of ideas and all they need to see the light of day is a little bit of time... and a little bit of money.

So why a patreon? 
Well. The ideal situation for me would be to work part time as a teacher (because I do love my job), and part time as a content creator (because it's what I am at heart), but I can't have two part time jobs and only one salary, you know? I do need to eat sometimes. And to pay my bills. Honestly, I'm not looking to make a ton of money off of this (not in this economy), but if with your help and support I can just cover some of my utility bills, I'll be a happy clam.

Eh. Probably in the future? For now, there's three of them. $1 and $5.
  • $1 to show your support in a small but meaningful way. Not everyone has disposable income, I know this because I live this.
  • $5 to show your support and be a part of my creative journey. Help decide what costumes I should start working on, give input on what content you'd like to see from me, etc.
  • $6 or more if you'd like to give a little more. 

As I grow, I'd love to to be able to offer rewards! For now... uh... $5 and up patrons get... ah... maybe postcards? That's lame but I do love snail mail so uh... Just tell me if you'd like one. Why the hell not.

Patreon exclusives?
Patrons will get to see my updates (sketch concepts, progress pics, finished shots) first, but everything I make will be public after a while.
Patrons will also be able to vote on future costumes, design input, and future video topics (patron q&a, live streams, building timelapses, and such).

How about other social media platforms?
I'm most active on instagram and twitter, and if a monthly payment isn't for you (because it can be scary, not gonna lie), i have a ko-fi for one time donations.

So. Sounds like your kind of thing? Feel like giving me a hand? 
If yes, know that you will always have a special place in my heart and that your investment in my creative journey will mean the world to me.
Creating makes me happy, keeps me sane, allows me to express myself in a way nothing else does. So thank you for being a part of this.

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