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Vain.GG are building a statistics site for Vainglory. Our aim is to create a user driven application, that allows players to determine what they want on the site. We're constantly working to improve the quality of the software and ensure that it is delivering the best possible service for our users.

Our amazing users have helped guide us on this journey, from a simple, single feature webpage, to the growing body of tools to enable players to truly understand their game. We can't thank them enough for their involvement and their incredible contribution to

However, since bringing up the site, we've run into a couple of big challenges. The first is the number of people. We get over 10,000 unique users running through the website every day. The second is the sheer volume of data. There are hundreds of thousands of matches going on in Vainglory every day and we store them in a database. This introduces some costs that we've got to pay out. Third is, different mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes. Our traffic comes from all sorts of devices, which means every time we make a feature, we've got to make it another three or four times so the most users can get value out of it. 

But it isn't what the costs are right now that worry us. It's what the costs will become. The Vainglory API is still in development, so once that goes live, we anticipate a spike in usage. That spike means more matches, more users, more traffic and more stress that our system is under. All of those things mean increased cost, to keep delivering the best possible service we can.

Any donation you guys can make, to keep our site running and help to preserve and grow this amazing community of players around, will help guarantee the long term stability of the service.
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Earning $20 p/month will help fund one of the Digital Ocean Droplets we use to run the back end services that power VainGG
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