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Why should I support you?
Because you love my videos and livestreams!

Ummm, can you be a bit more specific?
Yes. I can.
My "ultimate" goal is to produce gaming and gaming tech videos full-time.
Like everyone, I have bills to pay (blah, bills suck).
I also need better equipment to make even more awesome videos for you.
I also, you know, have to buy new games and bits of gaming tech so you can see videos of them.
I would also like to start giveaways for my viewers (that's you).
All of these things cost money that I do not have.
That's where you come in.

So what do I get out of it?
My undying gratitude.
And access to supporter-only content like chat, early access to new videos, and super-secret posts here on Patreon.
Annnnd the cool stuff you see listed to the right. Each support amount includes the cool stuff from the amount(s) above it.

What is your current goal?
Don't you mean our current goal? 
You can see our current goal at the top right of this page.
You can see all of our goals below, though some are still a secret. 

Why do we have multiple goals?
Awww, you said "we."
Multiple goals give you and me something to work toward together!
When one goal is met, the next one will be revealed.

Why are some of the goals secret?
Well, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you!
But seriously, think of it as unlocking new items in a game.
We get to work together to unlock even better stuff!

Can I support you without a monthly pledge?
Yup, you sure can.
Just click the YouTube link to the right of my picture up top to go to my YouTube channel.
Once you get there, look for the bright blue "Support" button (hint: it's near the top right).
You can also make one time donations via TwitchAlerts. Just look for the link in the description below any of my recent videos.

What happens if you don't reach the goals?
Nothing changes if I don't reach my goals.
I will continue with the same awesome stuff on my channel that you already like.
It might slow down a little once I find a job (I just graduated from college) but I'll do my best to avoid that.

How much do you hope to raise each month?
I'm not greedy.
I just want to pay my bills (I live cheap) and be able to invest back into the channel.
$3,500 per month would more than cover all of that.

How will you be spending this money?
I was going to come up with something witty for this, but I think you deserve better. Right now, I'm trying to raise enough money so I can keep my focus on YouTube full-time without the need to work another job. I don't make nearly enough money from YouTube to do that, so I started a Patreon campaign. Should my ad revenue from YouTube or support from Patreon exceed my monthly bills, I'll put the money right back into my channel. That means things like buying new games to feature in videos, better software and hardware for editing, and stuff for giveaways. And should things really take off for my channel - and this is long-term, big-picture stuff here - I'd like to be able to hire some staff. Yes, seriously. If my YouTube channel ever starts making serious money, I'd like to employ someone to be a community manager, and hire a part time graphic designer and a part-time editor.

So let me see all of your goals already!
OK, here they are! The goal amount in blue is the one we're currently on.
There's even subtle hints about what each goal might be.

Did you make that image yourself?
Is it that obvious?

$13.68 of $20 per month

Humble Monthly Bundle

I'm subscribed to the Humble Monthly Bundle and will do videos on some of the included games and will give away quite a few of them via the #game-giveaways channel on Discord (not a raffle, drawing, or contest of any sort, you just have to be the first person to ask for the game, and you do NOT have to be a Patron to request a game)
This goal unlocked at $25.
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