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About Vgames

We are students of Information Systems in Juazeiro do Norte - CE in Brazil.
We always enjoy studying games, from simple button commands with javascript and html, 2D graphics in RPG Maker and Builder, to the engines: Unity, Ureal, Godot and CryEngine, and now we are willing to put our ideas into practice we have been studying Unity quite a lot because of its large availability of assets free some almost professional levels and great content generated by the community, so much of our games will be at Unity.
We have a dream to make people look at our games and feel determined and excited to play, feel welcomed and have many incredible experiences, the same as we have at the time of creation.
Thank you all.
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O uso de recursos adquiridos para microfones, câmeras e um sistema de captura de dados, para fazer animações mais profissionais, é um exemplo de um podcast que mostra os principais personagens do jogo "Batalha do Reino", atualmente nosso principal em desenvolvimento.
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