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People! Oh, I love individuals just as much as I hate crowds! I'll find the most interesting INDIVIDUALS around for you, talk to them, take their picture and tell you about it. 




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About Valentina Ceccatelli

I'm gonna tell you stories through photography for just a few dollars each month. Oh, look: there's an abandoned factory right there. Wanna know what was produced there, who worked there, why did it close? And are there people squatting that place? Oh, check it out: it's full of paintings! Wanna see them? And even more: I'm a live music photographer, so I could help you find such great, unknown music, through my pictures. I'm gonna show you the artists, and tell you everything I know about them. Their songs. Their lyrics. Are they good when they play live? I'll tell you about the cities I visit, what happens there, is there something hidden, a secret so well kept that no one even remembers its existence? At the end of the day, I'm just a curious monkey.
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Holy shit, that would be awesome. I could take up the offer I've been made to take pictures at european music festivals, and tell you everything about it: the crowd, the fans, the music, the vibe. You're gonna know every freaking thing. 
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