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My name is Valentin and I've been on the 3D graphics road since.. forever :) 

3D design and everything related is just as much a part of my life as is the food and water I need to keep myself alive. 

To paraphrase an important figure in history, "I have a dream!" and that is to be able to turn my passion into a more lucrative activity that would enable a self-sustaining way of life. The path I took in my life is the one of a multinational corporate worker, but if I would have the chance to choose again, I would take the much harder path of doing graphic design for a living. 

On top of this, 3D printing became a part of the design process and some months ago I purchased a very good printer, Form 2. I went through the first liter of resin doing print tests and pushing the printer's capacity to the limits. Now, in order to be able to advertise myself on social media or locally I need funds to buy more resin of different types and build a portfolio of a broad range of products and materials as a method of promote my skills and the printer's ability to print the stuff I design. 

Hence my presence here. 

This account is all about creating random and by request designs for you. Depending on the pledge type you will have access to the design files, high quality images, 3D objects in the format you desire that can be later used to 3D print it. 

The funds will all return in the form of resin for the printer and will, hopefully, fuel the dream I have to break free from the corporate world and immerse in the digital one. 

Thanks for giving me this chance!

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Hitting this goal will enable me to buy one or two types of resin and really start my journey into the 3D world
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