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About ValerieOS

Hello everyone!
I'm Valerie Original Stories aka. the creator of the webtoon and tapastic webcomic: "My best friend is a merman", an LGBT+ coming-of-age comedy story that narrates the daily life of a human boy, Devan and a merman, Wiley as they grow up, befriend people and slowly mature between love, social and personal problems

Ever since I was a kid I loved writing and drawing stories and now more than ever my goal is to make a work out of this passion of mine. I've had various problems along the road, and had to put my story on hold different times but I'm set now on drawing this comic full-time.

So, why should you back up my work?
First of all, if you enjoy the webcomic by giving me the chance to concentrate more of my time on it you'll get to see more stuff more often!
Second of all you'll get:
Early access (up to 3 months) to:
Sketches, Doodles, Illustrations and story insights.
Special mini episodes
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Monthly acknowledgement on webtoon and tapastic
Sketch commissions
Monthly extra benefits

For those of you who decided to contribute, I'm infinitely grateful.
Any amount is appreciated so thank you for helping me do what I love!

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First Step
A little start towards what I will hope will be my full time job in the future. Every amount, no matter how little, counts so thank you all!
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