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About Value Town

Value Town is a weekly Hearthstone podcast hosted by ChanManV  where we talk about anything and everything having to do with the video game Hearthstone. We love this game and want to share all the good and wacky decks we've been having fun with each week. We also cover the latest news in the community like events and any big changes to the game. We frequently have notable personalities and friends from the Hearthstone community joining us to give their insight on the topics. The plan is to do weekly episodes (max 4 episodes a month) and any pledges will go towards each episode.

Note, you will not be charge for any bonus/extra shows (ie Deck of the Week) that are unlocked with milestones or created as perk for our patrons.

Value Town will always be free. This is just an opt-in way to support the show.
$80 of $200 per weekly episode
Value Town in 2019 - We are able to continue doing the show into 2019 with your support. To celebrate, we will do a special Deck of the Week bonus patron mini audio show each week where patrons will be our guests! We'll talk about everyone's experience with the deck and hopefully learn together.
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