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I'll be using the Patreon stream/comments to interact directly with y'all, take suggestions, answer questions, and be as interactive as possible! 

This pledge helps support the creation of my YouTube videos and helps me hire editors, videographers, photographers, etc to improve the quality and quantity of videos you LOVE!




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About Vanessa Blanco

Hi and welcome to my Patreon Community. THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining me on my Patreon page. Feel free to continue scrolling to learn about all the cool rewards available if you decide to become a supporter.

Why should you support?

If you are familiar with my YouTube channel then you know I love to review products for my subscribers. You would also know that I am VERY VERY HONEST when it comes to reviewing and hauling overly hyped items or clothing (you all know I keep it 100%). Therefore, it isn’t always easy to secure the items you all request. A lot of the items are VERY expensive and I would rather purchase the items directly versus receiving the products from the company as a sponsored video. It helps keep the videos as UNBIASED and HONEST as possible, which I know my subscribers appreciate. Your trust means everything to me!

That being the case your support will help me fund the production of content and help me increase the overall quality of videos, and other social media posts. I hope to eventually have the opportunity to hire a team and produce even more content across all of my social media platforms.

What do I get?

As a Patreon supporter you become my RIDE OR DIE’s. You get access to exclusive rewards, opportunities, and giveaways for Patrons Only!

If you are international you can pay in your own currency! Since it is a site based on US dollars it will show up for you as the equivalent exchange rate.

Thank you so much for ALL of your support it means the world to me. Without your constant support and motivation none of this would be possible. You all have a special place in my life.
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This will allow me to hire an editor for some of my videos. I can then focus more of my time on designing and creating a new apparel line and posting more videos per week.
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