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If you think my web content is odd, helpful, and enjoy it, then this reward will be like sipping raw happiness from an Arkansas mason jar.

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A couple times a year I do a group therapy live drawing session on Discord. It's a low stress exchange where we talk, draw and post the results. It's fun. It's therapeutic, It's exclusive and intimate, It's ART!

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What is Imaginetten?
It’s kind of a webcomic, kind of a portfolio, kind of a repository of thought built upon the therapy of drawing. I create daily doodles to balance my sanity. This means I draw and paint a lot. I mean... like crazy amounts. I post my works in progress, finished works and articles about the links between creativity and depression. Patreon is where I give access to the wizard behind the curtain. It's a way to personally connect with me, get AWSOME free gifts, and Show your support. 

Why I need your patronage:
Let’s face it. I’m going to draw, paint, and post regardless. It’s not like if you don’t contribute to the effort I’m going to stop. I believe in the phrase "Savor every creative moment." I have struggled with depression, anxiety, pain and PTSD for decades. I know how the dance between creativity and depression works. I aspire to give hope to those who also struggle. Becoming a patron is a great way to encourage and reward my work, while gaining Patreon rewards in return. It's a WIN-WIN

Isn't a website about creativity and mental health kind of... depressing?
Depression isn't fun. In fact, sometimes it's crippling. When I started it, I had two goals: keep it real, and make it helpful/hopeful, oh, and sometimes it's actually funny. This along with my other random drawing and painting is a kind of therapy. I'm grateful that I've found this outlet to medicate my life. I'm also grateful to those who've told me they feel less alone because of what I share. 

How does this work:
I continue to do what I do. (The proof is on my Imaginetten.com site). I post two to three times a week. You commit to a small cup-of-coffee type payment that hits your credit card once a month, and then get access to warm fuzzy feelings, stickers, posters, and my wandering discourse on being a “crazy’ creative.
$18.45 of $500 per month
This is validation, pure and simple. I would love to point to this and say, “somebody besides my Mom and Dad enjoys what I do and appreciates the effort. 
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