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 Hi! I'm Kaycee Cosmos! You might know me from my cute selfies or my selection of viral "greatest hits" tweets. But I also do art and comics behind all that, and I'm also trans so I need a lot of money! If you enjoy my content, supporting me on Patreon is a great way to not only see more of it in the future, but get access to it all right away!

ABOUT MY VIDEOS: http://youtube.com/vanillavial
Vanilla Vial is a channel where I try and combine what YouTube audiences respond to (video essays, let's plays, commentary) with what they don't (art, animation, that good gay shit). My place in the spectrum of video creators is somewhere between an essayist who wants to share her opinions on media, and an artist who kind of just wants you to chill out and watch some colors be put in place.

The Vanilla Vial channel has been experimental since its inception. Moving from let's plays with drawing in the form of my DRAWLOCKE Pokemon series, to uploading serious pieces of animated film-making. It's like the junk yard from Iron Giant - from a distance it looks kind of disjointed, but the through-line is my passion for art in all its forms (junky or otherwise.)

The ultimate goal is to provide an artistic trans voice in the YouTube entertainment conversation. I bring a lot of fun things to the table about animation and queer theory, and also have the editing chops to make you think I have a coherent argument! Check them out, won't you?

ABOUT MY COMIC: http://freddiefreakie.com/
Freddie Freakie is a comic about the an underworld investigator who specializes in helping freshly-dead souls contact their living loved ones for the sake of closure. Five years after her largest case goes horribly wrong, Freddie finds herself re-opening it for the sake of a new friend.

I truly believe that Freddie Freakie is a really important piece of media. Yeah, I'm the one making it, but I know it's important to me. And I know that its themes, characters, and jokes have reached a lot of amazing people.

Freddie Freakie is best known for its LGBT narrative. The main character herself is a transgender lesbian, who finds identity in the afterlife by manipulating her spirit into her ideal form. Many of the other mainstays are also lost souls, searching for bodies and identities beyond the hand the underworld dealt them.

Because of these themes - and plenty of other reasons -  FF can only exist online. I hope to continue it, independently, to carry it on into the best story it can be. I'm not taking ads, or actively looking for publishers. I just want to make a story for people like me, and about people like me! (And ghosts and stuff too.)

Support on Patreon goes towards me continuing Freddie's story, and keeping it free for everyone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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