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  • Own a HQ download of a song/poem of your choice (default is WAV 44.1khz, but any format can be requested)
  • Lyric/Chord chart provided (if relevant)
Multitrack stems of a song/poem of your choice
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  • HQ WAV 44.1khz multitrack stems of every track (dry) used to make a song/poem of your choice. Fair warning: LARGE DOWNLOAD!
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30min private Live Video jam; request anything!
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  • Join me as I whirl around my studio jamming out anything you want; watch as I transcribe songs on the spot, assemble a performance and play it out for your enjoyment!
  • Alternatively, I will compose a work of poetry on a topic of your choosing and record it for you.
  • Email me to confirm a suitable time for both of us.
  • I will record the final performed covers and send you a copy of it.




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About Van Leucia

Hi everyone; welcome to a place of sardonic humour, quality jams, occasional games and slightly frenzied paroxysms of the musical/poetic kind. Van Leucia began as an idea, an artist name for the music I was writing. This eventually grew to become a greater ideal, as I began collaborating with amazing musicians and artists, and producing/mixing/mastering others' music. These days, I create art for the sake of just making art that I can genuinely call mine, while producing for others has become a happily paid occupation. Thanks for joining the journey and I hope you enjoy the output as much as I do!
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