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About Ally Rom Colthoff

Hello, I'm Ally (or Varethane on most parts of the web), and I make webcomics! I recently finished up a 1300-page fantasy epic called Chirault, and now I'm working on a new project:

It's the story of Tiara, a delinquent who has been using a mysterious power to goof around for years without realizing the kind of attention it could attract. When a powerful organization finally tracks her down and attempts to recruit her, she has to decide what she really stands for.

Wychwood officially started in 2019, but the seeds of the project go back way earlier. One day I'll share the earliest drawings of these characters and everyone will probably have a good laugh about it-- but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the story!

The comic is free to read on its homepage right here; this Patreon is for readers, fans, or friends who want to support my work and get early access to things like page previews, bonus illustrations or minicomics, and... well, anything else I might happen to make, who knows. :) I have a few ideas, but I'll save them for later, since the project is still young.

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