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 .Early Acces to all my personal illustrations.  

 . Sketches, designs and work in progress.

 . Acces to my Lens publications. (like Instagram stories)

 . Digital wallpapers. (images at 1920x1080 for your desktop or phone)

 .And anything else I could came out next!

The digital downloads will be sent out at the beggining of the month. 

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You'll have one hour portfolio review with me, (google hangout). We would talk about your work and what's to improve to achieve your immediate goals. 

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  • You can message me any time you want during the course of the mentorship to answer your doubts.
  • Concise exercises to help you improve your skills.

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About Randy Vargas


Hey there!
My name is Randy, I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist and I am here to create more personal art!
I've been working on the recent years in games like Magic the Gathering, Legend of the Cryptids, Artifact, etc and that has been absolutly amazing, but as an artist I have tons of stories and illustrations I want to make for my own. Things that I can't allow myself to do because of the tight deadlines or restrictions in the format for those games and companies. 
I'm inviting you to joing me and become a member of my patreon community. With your help I won't have to take so many freelance jobs and focus way more in my personal projects as well in getting back to traditional media. And that to me, is super exciting!

Current projects

My head is always spinning around tons of ideas that I want to make into real things,
A few of them are:
  • 6 Illustrated Tales were I choose a subject and create 6 illustrations with their own short story.
  • Making more traditional pieces, whether it be with pencils, oil painting, etc.
  • A serie showing the main characters from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives.

How it works

If you like my work and want to support me, you can by pledging 1$ or more per month, you decide how much will work best. You'll gain access to all my exclusive patreon content, sketches, Work in progress, early access to finals, designs, daily drawings, and digital downloads. 
I also have special Tiers,
The Collector, for people who are mostly interested in owning original art. 
And two more, Aspirant and Apprentice, for people interested in getting advice, portfolio reviews and mentorships from me. 

Remember that you can always cancel anytime you want. 

This patreon is a work in progress yet, I'll try to improve it over time, smoothing things out and really, just trying to have fun painting and drawing with your invaluable help!
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