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Non-Public Art
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You get access to my original art pieces before the rest of the world does. However, after a while I will make my art public so I can show them off on other forms of media. This just let's you see them way before anyone else ;)

Work-In-Progress Art
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As well as getting access to my non-public art, you'll also get to see what it looks like before it's finished! :)

Fan-Art, Childhood Art & Random Doodles
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This gives you access to all my Fan-Art (Mostly video game stuff) and my random embarrassing doodles and childhood drawings.

Previous Tier rewards included!!




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About Vargz

Hey everyone! :)

My name is Josh Varga, and I've been creating art since I was a kid. Only visual art for the majority of my life, but in more recent years, I've dabbled in other forms of art such as animation, music and writing. My goal is to make creating art my full-time focus, which is why I've started a Patreon page because I believe Patreon will be an essential step towards me achieving that goal.

Current Plans and Future Plans!

Due to limited time and resources at my disposal, I can only do so much in terms of creative freedom. Mostly only visual art stuff. But I have grand plans for the future! Those plans include creating music, creating an animated comedy series and hopefully publishing a book too!

As a Patron, the exclusive content you'll have access to includes:
  • Non-Public Art
  • Work-in-Progress
  • Various other Art Pieces (including, fan-art, embarrassing childhood doodles, unfinished old pieces etc.)
  • Animation Character Concept Art
Those are listed in order of Tier, and each tier also grants access to all previous tiers!

Of course, should my Patreon page become successful enough, I will have more time and resources to work on my future projects and I will be able to offer you even better exclusive content!

Huge Thanks to Everyone!!

I want to say a massive thanks to anyone who becomes a Patron of my art! I thoroughly look forward to bringing you even more exclusive content, and as a patron, you can look forward to even greater rewards down the line as future projects slowly bloom! Thank you very much! :)
$0 of $1,000 per month
If we can reach this goal, I will buy better equipment with which to bring you better content and at a higher quality :)
I will also focus more effort into producing that better content at a faster rate!
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