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I made the original comic, Suspended Reality, about ten years ago. Due to my lack of technical expertise and a few other elements the comic fizzled out. Tried to forget about it and move on with other projects but it kept bouncing around in the back of my mind. Occasionally I would jot down a script or two... until one day I realized that I had hundreds of scripts. Now technology and commerce has caught up with my ambitions and there are web host services that allowed me to remake the comic without learning HTML or such. No more excuses, time to try again. With Patreon I hope to eventually do my comics and other creative projects as my primary career.  Which means if you like my work I will be able to make more of it to share with the world.
Thank you for your part in making that dream become a reality.

In case you didn't get here from the comic the home page is
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Fan Art Fridays: As a fun aside I will post Fan-Art created of some of my favorite other properties. As the comic gains fans it will also be a place for me to post fan art of my work... if that happens.
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