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By paying 1 or more $ you will be able to watch all of the covers, suggest songs that you’d like me to do a cover of, chat with me, get my personal snapchat, and basically everything that is in my description... I want to make this as affordable as I can because my goal is to have fun and try new things not earn a lot of money...😚




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Its Varja.
Im a girl who plays piano, sings and loves music in general. I’m very goofy and I often don’t know how to act serious in serious situations... I’m a very open and honest person. I would love to do covers of songs you guys like, I would also love to do live streams, and just film videos in general that I think you guys would like to watch... So if you’d like to see me try my best at this goal of mine (to do more things that ate out of my comfort zone and make videos and music that I like) then you are welcome to join, chat with me, watch my videos, suggest songs and watch me try to do my best...
Hope you’re having a great day! 
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