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A photograph is deceptive. Always. No matter what. We like to think that photos represent reality the way it is but the depiction itself is always dependent on so many factors. There is the angle, there is exposure, there is gear, there is the interplay with your models, there is composition directly related to the balance between other aspects. Each picture is also a frame taken out of a broader context. There are filters and gels and all sorts of alterations. Whether it is before or after editing, the light that has traveled through the lens and settled on the sensor or film is "interpreted" by the settings of the camera and rendered on the screen, paper or any other medium in a certain way. Obviously there is the photographer with his or her knowledge and ideas, their mood, their inspiration, their outlook, preferences or style. The picture as the final product of a whole process of creation is always somebody's interpretation of what they have seen or want to see or intend to convey. It is also a result of their circumstances, influence or motivations. The frame in front of your eyes has a story. Even the most spontaneous snapshots are taken under certain conditions that ultimately affect the outcome. And finally there is you - the recipient - intended or accidental. Whether you like it or not, you are a filter too. What you see is dependent on what you bring with you. Your mood, your background, your knowledge, your imagination, the place you happen to see the picture at, people you are looking at it with, all the connotations of the notions spontaneously popping in your mind, the time, and so on and so forth. You are a part of this process. Please enjoy this blog.

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