Reav Vealstone

is creating sculptures, t shirts, 3d Art, and small furniture tables
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About Reav Vealstone

Hello thank you first of all for taking the time to give me a moment of your schedule.
I was born in Louisiana born to family's that weren't financially well off but blessed with trades skills and heritage so all my life I have been creating with my hands from art to carpentry the essence of craftsmanship is with me. I just so happen to harness that gift through art cause i knew i was not like everyone else and the words of my mother "Never Give Up" are the footnotes to my soul she told me that i was meant for greatness so i told myself that i could draw anything.
     So i began my journey a young boy who fell in love with gaming from Atari to Nintendo and beyond i have had the calling in me to bring my vision of the world of fantasy to life. Since the first character of my own making Chaos I have been building my empire of dreams to bring financial freedom to my family my daughters Rayne and Rai who most certainly inherited my gifts of creation. Though its bigger than a game the game is simply a simulation of plans that i could and most certainly will write in my lifetime, I have to start with the skills at hands whether it be graphics tattooing drawing building houses or backyard vacations I must succeed because i made a promise to my mother that i would take care of my family. 
    I have the talent the know how and the drive and unbreakable will to succeed the only thing that has stopped me is money so if you can see the picture i paint then you will take part in a star on the rise and the spark of a New Age of Technical Art Revolution.

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