is creating a webcomic/visual novel set in a fantasy world called Waz'ni

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First Tier! Get access to all pages 2 weeks in advances from anybody! Including all sorts of concept sketches and world-building pieces!
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Final Tier! Get everything from the previous Tiers + Access to Process pictures and videos of how I make those illustrations come to life! Sometimes I will also add some extra characters as patreon who decide to take this Tier! 




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Hi! My name is Velgahr and I'm a professional digital artist!

I've been creating this sci-fantasy world with anthro animals of all sorts called Waz'ni for a while now and I've decided to take a shot at making a webcomic / visual novel sort of based in it! Basically, each set of 2 pages will look somewhat like this.

Patreons who decides to support this project will get access to all sorts of things, from concept sketches, to process images, psds and process videos and finally those who choose the Full Access Tier may get their character as Extra in some pages !

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