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About VelkkuEvilBastard

Hi there!

I'm a guitarist from Finland and I play in the bands Evil Bastards From Hell and FTM.

I'm also a "youtuber" that makes video game music covers/remixes, cos' it's just damn fun. Occasionally I demo some of my music gear.

It's hard to support yourself as an guitar guy from a little band and a z-list youtuber, so I give Patreon a chance.

I only charge a dollar for a video (cover/remix, gear demo). If I decide to upload a video of my cat eating it's arsehole I won't charge you for it! :D

Thanks for reading and have a great day y'all!

PS: Link to my social media, Spotify and others here!
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Basically I get a dollar from you when I make a cover/remix video or a gear demo. Fair, right?
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