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This is a gif of me making a custom steering wheel for Project Bugford.

I love building cars and making videos! Doing tutorials and creating entertaining videos is a passion of mine, and my goal is to make a new video EVERY WEEK. That's a TALL order though as it takes a lot of time, effort and money to create car related videos. Jay Leno's Garage (an awesome youtube show by the way) puts out a new video every week, and I believe that I can make that happen too. But I'm going to need some help. That's where you come in.

What can I do to help?

1. Share my videos! This is literally THE MOST important thing. Not donating to my Patreon, not buying merchandise, sharing is far more valuable than either of those things. If we can get enough people to watch and share (like, A LOT of people, I'm aiming for 500,000 subscribers) then eventually we won't even need a Patreon, Kickstarter or any other donations to keep the content flowing. So share! Share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, blog posts, anywhere you can get a link out!

2. Refer to number 1. Kind of like the rules to Fight Club.

3.  $1 a month.  Ok, so you’ve already shared, and you’re still sitting there waiting for new videos. What now? How can you help Velocity Labs get content out faster and more often? Kick me a dollar or two here on Patreon.  $1 a month!   I bet you can find that under your car seats.   Any money I receive from donators here will go directly to getting better quality videos out more often!

Current projects:

1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Quest for 425hp and a low 12 second quarter mile.

Project Bugford - Taking a 1972 VW Beetle with a 1937 Ford front end and creating a street rod beast! We’ll be doing a Subaru swap, crazy suspension upgrades, chopping the roof and lots of other custom work.

Future Projects:

2GB Eclipse -Because DSM.

RWD Turbo Honda CRX - I’ve always wanted to make a rear wheel drive Honda CRX with a giant turbo, and when the channel is big enough to support a crazy project like that it will definitely happen.

Rat Rod - Because rust is beautiful

Muscle Car - Who doesn’t want to cruise around in a huge muscle car with 500HP and a big comfy bench seat?

24 Hours of Lemons Car - It would be fun to build a beater and race it without any worries of utterly destroying it.

Nissan Z - One of my favorite cars ever.

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