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About Tim Marsh

I've spent 6 years writing hundreds of thousands of words about my passion: cycling, cycling travel and most specifically, cycling in France.

Most of these words have been freely and happily given away.

I get emails telling me I am mad for giving this info away, so I decided I'd give people a way of supporting what I do via Patreon.

I've tried a few membership programs on Velonomad but the effort has always been half-hearted. What I like about Patreon is ensures I am accountable to my supporters.

It's also an awesome platform to quickly and easily deliver content to Patreons without the hassle of special membership function/feature on my website.

My end goal is for Velonomad to be paying our mortgage, freeing my time up to deliver all the awesome content I want to and that guys need and deserve.

- Video intro coming soon. Sorry, I lag - who knew a baby would require so much time!
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Etape du Tour 2018 Patreon only article and video
Etape du Tour 2018 Webinar with special guest
Etape du Tour 2018 guide: free for Patreon members, paid for non Patreons.
Etape du Tour 2018 video thoughts.
TDF 2018 best vantage points

Target end of November 2017
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