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I'm a fiction writer with a love of snappy dialogue, inventive combat scenes, characters that try to make smart decisions, and ill-timed accidental innuendo (sometimes all at the same time). My current projects are:

Lighting Up the Dark, an ongoing story set in a version of the Naruto manga/anime where being able to punch through trees and breathe fire is nothing next to the power of intelligent, creative thought. Currently undergoing a stylistic rewrite which will make it 50% better and 75% more free from plot holes.

Marked for Death, a forum quest co-written with David Storrs and a gentleman who goes by the name of OliWhail, set in a rational version of the Narutoverse (maybe you can see a pattern here). Come join us, and help steer a renegade ninja and his team of misfits through a deadly world of ravenous monsters, superpowered assassins and pragmatist politicians. Cunning plots, outrageous shenanigans and terrifying physics-based munchkinry guaranteed.

My fans and players are the reason I write, and the reviews I receive are an enormous source of motivation for me, both as a writer and in my life overall. So if you like my work, just letting me know makes a big difference. But if you want to go beyond that, and maybe help me take another step, whether great or small, towards becoming a full-time writer, the links are on the right.

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