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About Vengeful Syndicate

Help support Vengeful SyndicateButter Comics! This patreon page is to help with the running costs of the guild website/forums/discord bots/AMR subscription and various other things that we may decide to do in the future.

Angry Assignments
One of our biggest things is we love to help others out where we can! One of the ways we go about helping people is by creating Angry Assignment templates for raiders!
They aren't as in-depth as full raid guides you'd find elsewhere but they're super helpful as you can see them in-game to quickly refer to during progression without alt-tabbing.
We try to keep them as simple and as to the point as possible.
They are entirely free to use, modify and share!
You can check them out here: [VS] Angry Assignments

AskMrRobot Subscription Key?
It’s essentially a group discount for Ask Mr. Robot premium features. All of the features are the same as a personal premium account, and you can use them for ALL of your characters (alts included)!

Music DJ Discord Role
Nothing super special here, just a discord role that allows you to run a few extra commands on our music bot such as skipping songs without requiring votes / changing the volume and stuff!

Emby Media Server
Think Netflix or Plex. Kinda like those but way cooler!
Our Emby server also runs with an Emby Premiere Key! (Totally not required but it's nice to have)

What's The Deal With The 💰?
These are 100% just for fun! Using one of our bots, you can gamble them away, trade them with other people, buy certain things and more!
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