Venus & Clarissa

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About Venus & Clarissa

My name is Clarissa. I've always had an obsession with horses, and now that I'm older I am turning that passion into a career.
I first met Venus on a Facebook ad. She was almost two, just getting started in life, and an absolutely gorgeous little horse. But somehow, she had ended up at a Kill Lot, and was days away from being shipped to Mexico and being killed in a slaughter house. 
Long story short, I convinced my dad to help me buy her. To take a chance on this beautiful little Quarter Horse filly. 
Now we're on our way to the big times. She will start competing in 2019 in the NRHA, and shows so much potential. 
We are now looking for people who want to join this awesome ride with us, and to follow us along through the ups and downs. We hope you'll join us.