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is creating all kinds of drawings!
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About Venxia Wagner

My name is Venx and I'm a digital illustrator, and I use Clip Studio EX to create detailed drawings in large scale. In my work I use details to tell stories around the subject or environment.
what i do now
I am currently an art student, living in Minnesota in the winter, and Indiana in the summer. 
what I want to do
I would like to start doing a once weekly art stream of my work. I also want to create work for conventions like charms, prints and buttons, as well as starting work on a comic.
what i'm giving
My hope is that, with the successful Patreon campaign I can be more self sufficient! For now I can give sketch bust commissions with the option for them to be printed and mailed but in the future I'd like to offer once a week Patreon only draw streams.
Thank you so, so much
Thank you for looking at my page, and for considering supporting me in my dreams.
I hope to keep the page updated as I'm able to offer more goals and options for you guys.
Friends like you make the dream work.