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About Verbose Mode TV

Verbose Mode TV is the show dedicated to learning to learn and the freedom to fail. 

In each episode we will break down a project or a phase of a project and discuss the parts of each project that needed to be learned and what went wrong. We'll provide more of a "why to" than a "how to" series.

Remember when you were a kid and you were learning to ride a bike? You likely just kept trying until you got it right. It didn’t matter how many times you fell – you just kept getting back up and trying until you could ride effortlessly around the neighborhood.

But as you got older, you may have forgotten what it was like to be a beginner. You want to be great at everything right from the start. And when you’re not, you get frustrated and might even quit.

When did that mindset change? When did you stop being okay with failure?

Imagine if you could rediscover your childhood wonder and curiosity? You could create just to have fun and learn. You could enjoy the process of making.

Verbose Mode in computing is a method of seeing behind the scenes and knowing what’s happening while the computer starts up.

Here, we’re taking that a step further and expanding the behind the scenes knowledge to all sorts of making – whether it’s electronics or programming – each week we’ll show you what it took to learn everything we needed to know to complete a project. Sometimes we’ll succeed, and sometimes we’ll fail. But we’ll show you what those failures helped us learn.

This isn’t necessarily a how-to for DIY-ers, but a fun look at learning to learn and having the freedom to fail.