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Hi, my name is Verde Agua (it means: GreenWater, in spanish). I have self-published 14 comics and graphic novels, printed in México. Also in 2016 I was one of the winners of the national Mexican comic contest: Sequenciarte. Now i`m doing my first webcomic: Songs of Kylar. (Free to read at Webtoon, in english, and Es-pa-ÑÑol).

The purpose of this Patreon is to make Songs of Kylar my top priority and to offer a webcomic of the best quality. By supporting me on this page you can have complete access to my comic production: layouts, character designs, unpublished comic pages, and protips.

¡Thank you for reading this, and for support my art!

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I just want to focus in my webcomic, so with a little support i can quit some freelance jobs and draw more comics. :) thank you!!
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