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About Vermont Rocky Meadow Farm

Join our family's adventure as we carve a sustainable organic vegetable farm from these Vermont hills.

Our land is 90% forested and we have a huge project ahead of us as we clear brush, rocks and trees from our future garden, barn, driveway and home site.

We are going to be using sheet mulching, popularly known as the “Back To Eden” gardening system. Within this system we are planning on growing vegetables, berries, grapes and fruit trees. We do not plan on using any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, GMO seeds or hybrids.

We believe our food has become deficient in nutrition from being grown in depleted and dead soil. People are over weight and burdened with health issues at younger and younger ages. This is why our family is passionate in our quest to offer nutritionally dense food to our community.

This is not going to be an easy task. Farming equipment and prime agricultural land in Vermont is very expensive. That is why our land is mostly wooded and our equipment is old and worn out. But we soldier on, because our mission is important, for our family, our loved ones, our community and humanity.

We welcome any funding you are able to support us with. It's your help that will enable us achieve our goal of bring high quality nutritionally dense organic produce to our community. But to also share our adventure with our patrons with exclusive videos, insider information and patron only gifts.

We welcome your support and encouragement.
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