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By Chipping 2$ I'll send you 320 Kbps Mp3s of all the songs that I'll upload, plus you will be added to my Patrons Only stream and News feed.
I'll add you on Facebook, Twitter, Ello and Instagram and obviously I'll be there whenever you want to reach out and talk, just hit me up. U.U
ogni ficatedu i musca é sustanza
( Special Prize for the patrons that will understand this sentence! )
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free loss-less copies of my songs + social networks as above.
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handwritten lyrics w/chords + all above



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Hello and welcome to my Patreon Page! 

When You become  a Patron of mine you chose an amount you're comfortable with and every time I release a new piece of content you'll chip me in that amount. 
You can set a monthly MAX so you don't go over your budget!
If I don't release contents you won't be charged. 

My piece of content are 100% free, you're not obliged to subscribe to my Patreon page.
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doing a 6 string bass arrangement for a major pop song
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