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About Vertical Slice Games

My name is Josh Lurie, and in January of last year I decided to translate my passion for video games into something tangible. So I launched Vertical Slice Games (or VSG), an aggregator for video game reviews. What started off as a side-project has quickly become one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my life.

Why did I create VSG? Out of frustration with the bigger aggregators out there - especially the industry standard, Metacritic. Metacritic scores are a lightning rod in the game industry for good reason. The Metascore just isn't a good metric - it's an average critic score, which is worthless to consumers without appropriate context. But on top of that, Metacritic doesn’t aggregate enough critics, it rarely updates scores, and it’s secretive about the way it calculates its scores.

I made VSG to be different. For one thing, the score VSG produces (the MetaMeter Score) isn't a simple average of critic scores - more like Rotten Tomatoes, it represents the percentage of critics who recommended the game. The average critic score is used for nuance - separating recommended games into tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). But on top of that, I aim to publish as much data as I can about the critic scores and, most importantly, all of that data is fully transparent. There are no hidden calculations anywhere on VSG.

Here’s an example: a game hub for the recently released, awesome indie title GRIS.

Critics Consensus on GRIS from Devolver Digital: PLAY IT (MetaMeter Score = 85%; Silver Tier). Score based on 68 aggregated critic reviews (Average Critic Score = 85 / 100).

Since launching, the VSG community has been steadily growing, and I’ve iterated and re-iterated on the design and core concepts behind the aggregator. I’m trying to build something awesome, and I’m stoked to have people along for the ride.

VSG is my biggest adventure to date, and I have big plans for the future.

Refining and improving the aggregator, creating new content, and delivering new features to the website is a massive one-man operation, and I love doing it. VSG is like another full-time job on top of my regular job, and with your help I can create more content and keep improving the site.

Don’t worry - I’m not asking you to pay for access to the site or anything else you’ve been getting free so far. But if you want to help me, and be a part of growing VSG, now you can.

In return, I’ve come up with a bunch of rewards that I hope you love.

Thanks for thinking about it!

PS: Do you have questions? I'd love to hear them - feel free to reach out any time: [email protected]
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