is creating local impact through pro-bono service
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For the price of a monthly cup of coffee, we'll add you to a special email list that will surprise you with helpful business tips and tricks every month. Join the verynice community and support our efforts!
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For $10/month, you are a part of the movement. We'll include your name on a special website that will document this experimentation in solutions for local consultation and service. We'll also loop you in on that extra special email list for monthly surprises to help you grow your business/idea. Thanks!
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For $25/month, not only will you get the gratification of helping us help another local business, we will also help YOU! That's right. A pledge of $25/month will get you a single 30 min consultation session with one of our experts over skype or google hangout, no matter where you are. This is almost 75% off our typical consultation rates - let us help you with your business problems and personal goals!




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About verynice

verynice is a global design and innovation consultancy that gives over half of its work away for free to non-profit organizations.

In the past 2 years we have scaled significantly as a studio, and as a result, we now have offices in both New York and Los Angeles. In New York, we are in Chelsea, just off the Highline. In Los Angeles, we are in the Arts District of Downtown.

2014 brings a lot of goals for the company, and one of those is to give back even more to small businesses that reside in close proximity to each of our offices. Your monthly pledge will directly fund free consultations for small business owners and non-profit organizations in our community. For the first time ever, thanks to your monthly support, we are able to open up our pro-bono offerings to small businesses that would not otherwise qualify for our free services.

It gets better... each month we'll tell you all about the impact we made - THANKS TO YOU! So please consider supporting our local efforts, and work with us to make the world a bit more very nice.
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If we reach this initial goal, we will have been able to send one of our amazing consultants into our community to provide free consultations for 100 local businesses that can help them tackle a small persistent issue, refine their messaging, learn how to better position their business in the market, target a new market, expand their business, more clearly define their brand, and even launch an entirely new company.
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