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A B O U T / M E

Hello! My name is Adam and I'm a 21 year old artist from Poland. I've loved art ever since I was a small kid, telling everyone I'll "become a painter" as soon as I was 4 years old. Creating is my biggest passion as it lets me express something that words cannot - and I believe that art has the strength to change the world, little by little, everyday.

I've created Patreon so people who enjoy my work could support me if they wish and get extras for it, too! I'm far from wealthy, so every dollar helps me and keeps me creating. My art will always remain free for everyone to see, but if you want to get some exclusive goodies I encourage you to support me on Patreon!

A B O U T / I M P E R F E C T   U T O P I A
Imperfect Utopia
is a currently ongoing project of mine. A serious novel filled with action, conflicts, lots of emotion and moral dilemmas, IU tells the story of a group of soldiers putting everything at a stake and going against their own country after they've been manipulated in their loyalty. Because war doesn't determine who is right - only who is left. You can read it for free on Wattpad. I plan to transform it into a graphic novel after I'm done writing.

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