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No gated content here. If you love the stuff VHV is making and want to support its continuation, please do, but don't feel forced to. All support is appreciated!

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About VHV


My name is Adriano, I am VHV. Musician, developer: I have approximate knowledge of many, many things.


You've probably come here from my YouTube channel, if not - check it out! It's the main hub of VHV content. Patreon is the second one, plus I handle the community side of things here.

VHV has started as a quest for the ever elusive perfect lulz (and practicing composing music in many different genres).


By becoming a patron you'll be able to join the VHV Patreon community to:
  • shape the direction of the content (i.e. moar of the same, tutorials etc)
  • allow me to create content more frequently
  • ask me any question related to internet marketing, music production, music theory, video editing, programming


The plan is to release a couple of highly edited videos with original music per month plus ten short videos per month.

This will happen this month naturally (Feb '19) as I'll be having some (lots) of free time. After that I'll start perpetually burning out for overwork in cycles until I either decrease my monthly output or your wonderful support allows me to do this full time.

This about page will grow along with the VHV YouTube channel and its contents. Thanks!
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