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About Michelle Coelho


As always, when I was young, I would startle awake, in the middle of the night.
So, one night, around the age of 8, I saw three figures, smiling at me.
Archangel Raphael spoke to me, “we’d like you to do some things for us, later in your life”.
I considered this, and said, “ok, I will do it”.
I didn’t know that at this young age I was clairaudient (as I could hear them), clairvoyant (as I could see them), and claircognizant (I knew clearly that they were good). But I knew the three were not human people, and I liked them (clairsentient). Later in life I referred to them as “The Council of Three”.

The Gift from Spirit

30 years passed before I undertook the work they asked of me. For most of that time I worked as a cell biologist in biomedical research. But my interest in healing was evident even then. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was surgically removed. Two years on, I had radiation treatment for a secondary tumor growth. Complications landed me in bed for 5 months, and at the end of it, I was unable to work as I had. By that time, however, I was also facing my Spiritual Calling head on with a clarity I’d never known. My brain had been unblocked, cleared. The brightness I can see now is something unknowable previously. I could hear Spirit directing me in the various lessons. I called this new beginning in my life “Spiritual Boot Camp”.
During the previous 12 years, healing people had been my passion, and now I had all the time that I’d always wanted to be with Spirit. Spirit challenged me with one lesson after another. I wanted to learn more, and to refine my skills. I studied the book on Vibrational Healing. I grew to love the theory, but wanted to go deeper. But where could I find a Teacher? Then, I found Archangel Raphael again. He agreed to teach me. I work with him within other dimensions.
During our first meditation, I healed 3 clients. Archangel Raphael taught me new modalities with each one. Some involved crystals, some involved spheres of energies. As I began to end the meditation, I heard Archangel Raphael speak, “Wouldn’t you like to meet me?” I said “yes”. He then pulled back the curtain that had divided us, since I was just a child. It was time to work together, and do the things I had agreed to do so many years ago. I met Archangel Raphael, saw my new sanctuary, and all of the places where I could now practice Vibrational Healing. Even to this day, Archangel Raphael witnesses all of my Vibrational Healings that I do for my clients, and my Spirit Guides protect me while I focus on the important and beautiful work of healing. These Beings remain my Council of Three, who I met so long ago.
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One would suppose that working with Archangel Raphael would have no overhead! Well, not so. Here are the things with which I need help.
  • Writing the Workbook for Students: The skills for working with Vibrational Healing will be couched in a book.
  • Upgrade my 9 year old computer to write the book
  • Black and White Printer
  • Hire an editor
  • Find an Illustrator
  • Website upgrade and maintenance
  • Teach Vibrational Healing, rent space, travel expense
  • Living Expenses to support my Life's Work
  • Office Space 
  • Podcast equipment
  • Funds for Group Healings each week for those who need Vibrational Healing.
  • Blogs
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