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About Victor Sant

Hello, I'm Victor Sant, a game programmer and developer for RPG Maker. I started using RPG Maker a long time ago, around 2005. I really like programming and RPGs, this is why i really love RPG Maker. Since then, i've made several contributions to the RPG Maker community, most of those contributions are in form of RPG Maker XP and VX Ace scripts.

"Why you want my support?"
The time i can can put into programming is limited, since I can only dedicate a part of my free time to do it. But this free time is at a shortage due to life's demmands. With your support i will be able to dedicate more time into creating more resources.

Previously, I used to charge for licenses to allow the use of the content I created on commercial projects. But by joinig at patreon I decided to abandon this, since a lot of developers, like me, don't have the budget to put on creating indie games and in the end, a lot of people had to give up using the things I created. I hope to change that by having all my content available for free.

"What will you create?"
I've made a total 81 scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace, wich I will port into RPG Maker MV (although some of them are no longer needed due to some new features of RPG Maker MV). My main goal is to initially port the scripts I've made for VX Ace to MV, and then create new RPG Maker MV javascript plugins. But as things goes on, I will return with the creation of  VX Ace scripts.
I am generally more focused on creating utility content that helps the developers to customize several aspects and details of their games. Although occasionally I also create some bigger engines.

Here is one of my RPG Maker MV plugins in action:
Thank You!
A big thanks to everyone that supports me, be here on patreon, my personal page, youtube and in all RPG Maker communities. I hope to live up to you expectation and produce a lot of contents to help with the development of your games!

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