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My name is Victoria Dobbs and for the past 6 years I have been writing a live autobiography. Approximately one day at a time I publish stories about my adventures as they unfold. My life has been full of unexpected plot twists. I have been on the receiving end of generous invitations and almost unbelievable good luck and coincidences. I have been in situations requiring me to solve seemingly insurmountable problems, and heroes have emerged at the last minute to save the day and change my fate.

I write candidly, with an expository style. I aim to recount my experiences in a way that allows others to have experienced it as I did. Although I do a lot of fantastic things, I'm not writing about them to show off. If anything I'm writing to inspire—to show others how easy (or in some cases challenging) it could be for anyone else to do what I do.

And what exactly do I do? That's hard to pinpoint, and is a real small talk killer. I have been a graphic designer since I was a child, but I don't like doing it for a living and these days I do it as little as possible, usually only as a means to an end as part of a larger project or as a favour to a friend. One of my favourite things to do is sing and it's important to my wellbeing that I keep it up, but sometimes long spurts of distraction go by during which forget to make time for that part of my life. My other favourite leisure activities include bike riding, traveling, adventures, doing new things, and working. Yes, I like to work as a leisure activity. I like to be creating and producing all the time. I like to help people with their projects. I like to learn by doing. I'm much more likely to accept an invitation if it involves me helping you work on something than if it's just to hang out together. And my door is always open if you want to help me work on something!

Upon learning this, the next question people ask (sometimes scathingly!) is how do I support myself? No I don't have a big savings account. No I'm not a trust fund kid. I earned all the money I had, and then I spent it all recklessly doing things for which I have no regrets. So to survive I try to spend as little money as possible. I would rather barter my time or possessions for necessities than use money as an intermediary. And when I really need money I have been lucky enough to pick up freelance work. It's kept me mostly out of debt, which makes me richer with zero dollars to my name than most of the people on this continent. And I feel rich in experience.

The byproduct of the above is that I tend to end up wherever I am summoned, or wherever someone is offering a roof over my head. I have met and been shaped by thousands of people who have shared their ideas, passions, expertise, culture, homes, and more. I only know of one person who reads all my stories, and that's my maternal grandmother, who is a huge influence on my positive outlook and writing. But people like to tune in for certain episodes and live vicariously through my latest adventures and projects. I write about problems I am working through, and I report on their eventual solutions, and those who follow along say they find the insight into my process inspiring. Others who follow along have given me the solutions I needed, and I've made so many connections simply by writing openly about my life, that I already feel incredibly rewarded.

One of the hardest things for me to describe is how I'm perceived by others, so here's how some of my readers put it:

"I find your attitude towards life completely fascinating and inspiring, partly because you're a gifted storyteller but there is something to be said about how forthright you are with your adventures, your pursuits, discoveries."

"I've never met you… ever… but I want to be you and here's why: You are an example of how to live a fulfilled life; how to take an idea and follow through with it; how to build grassroots community systems; how to connect people; how to give but also how to take… How to ask for what you need! And you're funny! You have THE BEST stories."

"You are consistently my favourite author."

"You strike me as a fixer, and i think that is an important sort of person to have in the world. I know we barely know each other, but from what I've observed since we've been online friends, you have ease with a LOT of things. Watching that video of you lifting that huge thing up on the stage all by yourself was inspirational for, like, an entire week. I was like, well, if Victoria can do that, I can type for six hours a day. Not even kidding. It's inspiring, especially in a world where people think they have troubles with accomplishing things for themselves. The fact that you're so productive and figure things out for yourself or with the help of a few well-connected people is super impressive."

"You're really good at motivating others in a variety of social situations. You have unique ability in a variety of skill sets, and are obviously adaptable to being uprooted and relocated anywhere in the world. You have energy that makes me hate you (that's a compliment, hon), and you think outside the box. You also know how to tell a story that is interesting to a casual reader. I interacted with you personally for but a few minutes when we met. So how is it that I know, and am able to say all of this about you? Because you facilitated it; you have a talent for putting people at ease and connecting with them - that is a rare kind of leadership, because you have the ability to *form and then direct* people."

So if you're curious, join my Patreon supporters and follow along! I joined Patreon in July 2017, and I started cross-posting my stories here as they happen. For an extremely reasonable, low-cost subscription of $5/month, my life is now available for your entertainment!

But that's just the beginning. As my Patreon following grows, I want to grow my live autobiography into something much bigger. People have been telling me for years to get an editor and to publish a book or an archive so that people can tune in from the beginning. As I reach certain milestones I will finally be able to make this a reality! All your donations will go toward the development of my official autobiography. Even if at first it seems like your money is just keeping me alive, I do technically have to be alive in order to produce an autobiography, otherwise it's just a biography.

As my online following grows, it's going to increase the number of connections I make and open doors to new opportunities. Your support now could be that little domino effect thing that leads to whatever it is I end up doing that changes history and makes people actually want to read my autobiography. It starts with you! If you can't help financially but you believe in the project, follow me on Patreon and share my page with your friends. Write a sentence or two about why you think supporting me is a good idea, what my writing has done for you (from occasional amusement to downright transformation), and what you think your friends will gain from following and supporting me.

My life has always been made possible by the help of my friends, the kindness of strangers, and the support of loved ones. I am go grateful for the gifts you’ve given me, and I wake up every day feeling thankful and happy to be where I am today, from the contributions of so many people. I do my best to return the favour and pay it forward whenever I can. If there’d a reward that you need that you don’t see available to my supporters yet, write to me and let me know what you had in mind and I will do my best to find a way to make it work for you!

Looking forward to working with you to make this really cool thing happen!!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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