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About Viewfinder

Hi, my pseudonym is gulen and I welcome you to the project Viewfinder, a Map of Documentary Films about places, events and people of Earth.

I've always loved geography and studying maps - flying around continents and oceans, picking a spot and diving into it to have a closer look, and then going back just to see how this place fits into a global picture.

I've always loved history and stories - and to me, there are no more emphatic stories that the real ones. I've always loved watching films and documentary films happen to be the ones to depict the real stories.

Well, this project seems to be the place where all these passions intersect - it is an interactive map which I am regularly updating with new map points, each linking to a carefully selected free-to-watch documentary film related to that place on the map.

I invite you to join me in this exploration.

If you wish, you can help this project by spreading the word or becoming its patron.

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