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About Alda Villiljós

I'm Alda, or Alda Villiljós, or Villiljós, or Patrekur Leo, or Pat.. take your pick!

I'm a freelance artist and activist involved in a huge variety of things. I'm trans, the founder of Non-binary Iceland and identify as maverique / genderqueer / gender neutral / gender fluid / genderfuck - I'm having a hard time settling (this applies to too many things in my life). I use neutral pronouns but my preferences are they/them in English, hen in Swedish and hán in Icelandic... but any neutral pronouns apart from variations of "it" are fine! 

I'm a language nerd, intersectional feminist, witch, spoony, introvert (INFP), team Valor, geek, chaotic, anti-authoritarian, way too independent for my own good and cat parent. My best buddy is also my furry bby, Emanúel. 

So… what is it that I do, exactly?

A fair question!

  • Photography - I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Photography from Kingston University, but I’ve been making all kinds of art since I was old enough to hold things. My grandmother is a painter, so I have had a lot of unofficial tutoring from her throughout the years, as well as random courses here and there.
    Stubbornly individual as I am, though, most of my training outside of university has been self taught.
    I do love all kinds of photography, but mostly I love taking pictures of people. I love creating something aesthetically beautiful that tells a story but I also love making work that makes a difference. A lot of my projects are political in nature, or deeply personal, and the majority of my projects are things I simply feel the need to do but can’t get any funding for. These are, for example, fashion editorials, series of work such as StuttersNormbreakers or Shamans

  • Music blog - I run a very popular music blog called Hard Femme Music Inspiration, which focuses on inclusive feminist music. I post epilepsy and trigger warnings on all my videos to make it a safe space and always credit the artists as well as I can. 
  • Drawing and design - I used to keep an irregularly updated webcomic, which was often silly and incredibly adorable stories of the cats in my life, but also educational and inspirational stories about mental illness, being trans, genderqueer and queer and self image. I sometimes draw or paint scenes from my intense meditation and therapy, and I design queer, feminist, vegan and otherwise political designs to sell on Zazzle and Redbubble.  

  • Activism - In addition, I am active in queer and trans activism! I am the founder of Non-binary Iceland, the chairperson of Trans Iceland, a former member of Samtökin ’78 (The National Queer Organisation)’s members’ council and one of the hosts for Wotever Iceland, events that are all inclusive and seek to make a safe space for queer folks regardless of identity or appearance! I also frequently donate my time to make visuals, logos or advertisements for various queer groups and organisations. 
  • Baking - I currently have a part time job as a baker for a vegan café in Reykjavík, which is wonderful but energy consuming. I try to run a recipe blog, though lately I've been too buy to update it much. I would like to start a company doing vegan cakes for people but ugh, spoons!

What do I need the money for?

First and foremost, I need help covering food costs for me and Emanúel. The pay from the café covers my rent but not a whole lot more, and while I can get by eating pretty cheaply, Emanúel has sensitive kidneys and needs to eat special food that is only available at the vet's... and which is very expensive! 

My medication for PTSD and anxiety disorder is thankfully not too expensive but it all counts. I also need more appointments with my therapist, which is a lot more expensive.. but ultimately, much more helpful. 

I am trans and one of the main reasons I've not yet started medically transitioning is fear of costs. The support of Patrons' would go a long way toward making me more confident in my ability to afford transitioning. 
25% complete
Emanúel is a pretty big boy and he needs a lot of food to keep being an adorable inspiration and friend <3
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