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Hi friend, thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself. I'm Vince and in a few words, I would describe myself as an artist and transformational, spiritual coach.

When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher. However, I did not know what kind of teacher I would become. Fast forward to the age of 16 years old, I experienced my first episode of depression because of being bullied in high school. It was obviously extremely painful, and I sought a way to alleviate my pain and heal the anxiety disorder I had developed as a result of the bullying. I became increasingly interested in everything spiritual. I started to research topics such as meditation, angels and the law of attraction, in an effort to ''escape'' the world I lived in and heal on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The spirituality gradually took more and more place in my life. I started to become aware of the synchronicities that appeared for me, such as through number sequences, and looked up their meaning online. Overtime, I could start to make my own interpretations of those signs. Still today, these signs guide me daily, and I believe it is a way that our angels and other supporters on the side use to assist us in our daily lives. 

In 2013, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. It was a day like any other, and when I arrived home at night and started to relax on my bed, I entered a trance that lasted for many hours. All I remember is that one moment it was the end of the afternoon and when I came back to awareness it was around 11pm. (I didn't fall asleep, it was a completely different state.) Two words that I hadn't heard before kept replaying in my mind, they were: ''shamanism'' and ''demonism''. Shamanism representing the light (healer) aspect, and demonism representing the ego or lower vibrational spectrum. This occurring was followed by intense soul-searching phases that lasted for months, where healings, research and practice were involved.

In my journey of inner healing, I learned to step into my own power and take back control of my vibration. I also learned to connect to my natural spiritual gifts and use them to benefit not only myself, but also others. Today, I am able to assist people in their journey to the remembrance and the embodying of who they truly are. It is not a small feat, but I do it with heart and passion. 

This is why I am requesting your help and support today. By contributing 1$ or more per month on my project, you will enable me to create more content on a steady basis (both on YouTube and on my blog) and this will benefit anyone who seeks to further their spiritual development. 

Your support would mean the world to me, because after everything I've learned and been through over the years, I feel ready and qualified to pursue this journey.

Remember that by contributing, you will also receive a special access to exclusive posts on this page as I will have more time and freedom to create such content compared to what I am able to do right now.

If you resonate with my intent and my energy and want to contribute, I thank you so much! If you can't contribute, but would still want to support me, sharing my page would be helpful as well.

You may visit my YouTube Channel, ''Valley of the Unbroken'' here:

and my blog ''Journeying Through Awakening'' here:

In Love and Light, and again, thank you for everything! <3

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