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About Vincent Kral - Fine Artist

The work of Vincent Kral participates in observation, self-definition and resistance. Vincent enjoys making art that is humorous on the exterior but deals with important issues beneath the surface. He strives to give a total experience to the viewer, using video, audio, and sculptural installations to challenge societal pressures and preconceptions. Vincent is constantly dealing with his own critique of consumerism and the mass media bombardment that confronts Americans everyday. Included in this critique of consumer culture is an ongoing analysis of his own actions, participation, and responses that result from his societal situation.
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So here is my first goal. Once I reach 100 believers a month, I will mail everyone a We Believe in You decal that I will personally sign on the back with a fine art permanent marker. I will mail it to you anywhere in the world and if you live near me I will hand deliever your sticker in person.
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